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Eligible Lists

Correction Officer exam results can be found hereGrade letters will be mailed on 6/8/2017.  Candidates with a score of 100, 95, or 90 will receive a canvass letter with the grade letter.  The Physical Agility test is scheduled for Thursday, June 29th at 9:30am.  Please read all of the documents carefully and be sure to obtain medical clearance to participate in the Physical Agility test.

Exam results generally are not received for at least ninety (90) days.  Please do not call the office asking about results.  If the eligible list is not found online then we have not received results. 

The following is a list of Active Eligible Lists. They are the original eligible lists as established by the Personnel Officer. You will not see canvass/certification/appointment activity. This will show you the original list of candidates with their grade and rank. Complete addresses are not shown.

Candidates can view the eligible list to get an idea of where they rank, how many people are above them, and if they are among the "top three." See Rule of Three in order to determine the top three candidates. In order to verify your current status and recent activity on the eligible list, please visit our office Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. We will not provide eligible list information over the phone.

If there is a checkmark in the transcript box, that means your transcripts were not on file in our office on the date the list was established.

It is the candidate's responsibility to submit official college transcripts prior to canvass/certification of the eligible list.

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Name ExamType ExamNumber Expire Date
Account Clerical I OC 201710 04/03/2021
Administrative Assistant OC 201612 8/3/2020
Administrative Assistant - Sheriff's Office OC 201632 7/26/2020
Application Specialist OC 201708 2/22/2021
Assessor's Information Clerk OC 201536 7/1/2019
Assistant Building Inspector OC 201611 5/22/2020
Assistant Director of Emergency Services OC 62-613 1/6/2020
Assistant Public Health Engineer OC 201453 12/15/2018
Assistant Superintendent of Public Works (North Tonawanda) OC 201624 8/28/2020
Audit Clerk OC 201334 9/22/2017
Building Inspector OC 201608 5/22/2020
Campus Security Officer OC 201603 4/10/2020
Career Mentor OC 201659 12/5/2020
Caseworker OC 201524 3/15/2021
Chief Social Services Worker OC 201516 6/25/2019
Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator OC 201666 2/1/2021
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator OC 201668 2/1/2021
City Assessor OC 201423 8/4/2018
Clerical I OC 201553 10/13/2019
Clerical II OC 201615 7/13/2020
Clerical III OC 201613 8/3/2020
Code Enforcement Officer OC 201432 7/31/2018
Confidential Secretary OC 201404 6/8/2018
Correction Officer OC 201706 6/7/2021
Courier - Mail Clerk OC 201449 10/2/2018
Crime Analyst OC 201644 8/3/2020
Criminal Investigator - District Attorney OC 201530 7/16/2019
Crisis Services Phone Aide OC 201583 02/18/2020
Custodian OC 201332 09/22/2017
Deputy Building Inspector OC 201610 5/22/2020
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works - Highways OC 201627 8/28/2020
Deputy Director of Eligibility OC 201718 6/14/2021
Deputy Director of Information Technology OC 201581 1/27/2020
Deputy Director of Weights & Measures OC 201661 12/13/2020
Deputy Recreation Director OC 201411 7/14/2018
Deputy Sheriff OC 201680 3/8/2021
Deputy Superintendent Water/Sewer Maintenance (Distribution) OC 201566 1/27/2020
Director of Buildings and Grounds OC 201549 7/29/2019
Director of Eligibility OC 201537 6/25/2019
Director of Facilities I OC 201550 4/13/2019
Director of Facilities II OC 201551 4/13/2019
Director of Facilities III OC 201552 4/13/2019
Director of Personnel (Town of Wheatfield) OC 201621 6/19/2020
Director of Security OC 201604 4/10/2020
Director of Weights & Measures OC 201662 12/13/2020
Dispatcher (North Tonawanda) OC 201675 1/25/2021
District Attorney Court Assistant OC 201340 3/18/2018
Document Clerk OC 201506 5/13/2019
Document Clerk & Cashier OC 201677 1/29/2021
Duplicating Machine Operator OC 201565 10/13/2019
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