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Eligible Lists

Grade letter information can be found here

Exam results generally are not received for at least ninety (90) days.  Please do not call the office asking about results.  If the eligible list is not found online then we have not received results. 

The following is a list of Active Eligible Lists. They are the original eligible lists as established by the Personnel Officer. You will not see canvass/certification/appointment activity. This will show you the original list of candidates with their grade and rank. Complete addresses are not shown.

Candidates can view the eligible list to get an idea of where they rank, how many people are above them, and if they are among the "top three." See Rule of Three in order to determine the top three candidates. In order to verify your current status and recent activity on the eligible list, please visit our office Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. We will not provide eligible list information over the phone.

If there is a checkmark in the transcript box, that means your transcripts were not on file in our office on the date the list was established.

It is the candidate's responsibility to submit official college transcripts prior to canvass/certification of the eligible list.

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Name ExamType ExamNumber Expire Date
Work Experience Program Aide Prom 201687 2/12/2021
Weights & Measures Inspector OC 201663 12/13/2020
Water Treatment Plant Operator/Trainee OC 201834 5/9/2022
Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic (NT) OC 201758 12/17/2021
Water & Wastewater Superintendent (Royalton) Prom 201570 1/27/2020
Watchperson (Municipal) OC 201605 4/10/2020
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/Trainee (Newfane) OC 201528 4/29/2019
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee OC 201832 5/9/2022
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor (NT) Prom 201560 12/2/2019
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor (NT) OC 201561 12/2/2019
Wastewater Lift Station Operator OC 201757 12/17/2021
Transportation Project Coordinator OC 201509 4/26/2019
Traffic Safety Educator OC 201735 8/2/2021
Traffic Maintenance Technician OC 201464 12/16/2018
Tax Map Technician OC 201745 11/12/2021
Tax Clerk OC 201685 3/8/2021
TASC Supervisor Prom 201844 7/18/2022
TASC Case Manager OC 201840 7/18/2022
Supervisory Public Health Sanitarian Prom 201653 10/19/2020
Supervisor of Water Maintenance (Plant) Prom 201445 11/13/2018
Supervising Social Worker (Community Mental Health) Prom 201642 7/26/2020
Supervising Social Worker (Community Mental Health) OC 201643 7/26/2020
Supervising Public Health Engineer Prom 201649 10/19/2020
Superintenent Water & Sewer Distribution OC 201567 1/27/2020
Superintendent of Public Works OC 201764 2/4/2022
Stormwaer Management Officer OC 201601 2/10/2020
Storekeeper OC 201620 6/16/2020
Staff Social Worker OC 201724 7/12/2021
Staff Social Worker Prom 201725 7/12/2021
Staff Development Coordinator OC 201848 7/22/2022
Staff Accountant OC 201717 6/1/2021
Social Services Worker OC 201856 8/15/2022
Social Services Worker PROM 201855 8/15/2022
Sheriff Dispatcher OC 201802 4/11/2022
Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator (NT) Prom 201669 2/1/2021
Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator (NT) OC 201670 2/1/2021
Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (NT) Prom 201441 11/13/2018
Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic (NT) Prom 201559 12/2/2019
Senior Wastewater Maintenance Person (NT) Prom 201573 12/2/2019
Senior Social Services Worker (Support Collection) PROM 201466 1/4/2019
Senior Social Services Worker PROM 201736 8/23/2021
Senior Sheriff Dispatcher Prom 201801 4/11/2022
Senior Security Officer Prom 201817 4/22/2022
Senior Personnel Record Clerk OC 201803 3/21/2022
Senior Payroll Clerk OC 201836 7/15/2022
Senior Mental Hygiene Practitioner Prom 201544 8/2/2019
Senior Mental Hygiene Practitioner OC 201545 8/2/2019
Senior Library Clerk Typist (NT) Prom 201622 8/3/2020
Senior Library Clerk OC 201843 7/18/2022
Senior Insurance Program Assistant OC 201767 1/7/2022
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