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Eligible Lists

Grade letter information can be found here

Exam results generally are not received for at least ninety (90) days.  Please do not call the office asking about results.  If the eligible list is not found online then we have not received results. 

The following is a list of Active Eligible Lists. They are the original eligible lists as established by the Personnel Officer. You will not see canvass/certification/appointment activity. This will show you the original list of candidates with their grade and rank. Complete addresses are not shown.

Candidates can view the eligible list to get an idea of where they rank, how many people are above them, and if they are among the "top three." See Rule of Three in order to determine the top three candidates. In order to verify your current status and recent activity on the eligible list, please visit our office Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. We will not provide eligible list information over the phone.

If there is a checkmark in the transcript box, that means your transcripts were not on file in our office on the date the list was established.

It is the candidate's responsibility to submit official college transcripts prior to canvass/certification of the eligible list.

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Name ExamType ExamNumber Expire Date
Mental Health Services Fiscal Administrator OC 201721 6/28/2021
Mental Hygiene Practitioner OC 201839 7/18/2022
Micro Computer Coordinator OC 201740 7/9/2021
Micro Computer Help Desk Receptionist OC 201707 2/22/2021
Micro Computer Specialist OC 201740 7/9/2021
Motor Vehicle Representative OC 201760 1/17/2022
Motor Vehicle Representative II Prom 201845 7/18/2022
Natural Resource Technician OC 201450 10/31/2018
Nutrition Services Coordinator OC 201618 7/20/2020
Ordinance Enforcement Officer OC 201614 6/23/2020
Park Maintenance Superintendent OC 201511 6/3/2019
Payroll Clerk OC 201732 8/7/2021
Payroll Clerk (Social Services) Prom 201629 7/20/2020
Personnel Specialist OC 201719 6/28/2021
Personnel/Payroll Specialist OC 201728 6/28/2021
Plumbing Inspector OC 201749 11/16/2021
Police Captain (North Tonawanda) PROM 201744 11/12/2021
Police Captain (Town of Lewiston) Prom 201656 12/13/2020
Police Captain (Town of Niagara) Prom 201563 12/20/2019
Police Chief (North Tonawanda) Prom 201709 6/2/2021
Police Chief (Town of Lewiston) Prom 201512 5/13/2019
Police Detective (North Tonawanda) PROM 201532 7/16/2019
Police Lieutenant (North Tonawanda) PROM 201533 7/16/2019
Police Lieutenant (Town of Niagara) Prom 201639 8/24/2020
Police Officer OC 201681 3/8/2021
Police Sergeant Part-time OC 201731 8/2/2021
Principal Audit Clerk Prom 201815 5/13/2022
Principal Insurance Program Assistant Prom 201671 1/4/2021
Principal Library Clerk OC 201842 7/18/2022
Principal Social Services Worker Prom 201518 6/25/2019
Principal Social Services Worker (Support Collection) PROM 201465 1/4/2019
Probation Officer OC 201650 8/24/2020
Probation Supervisor PROM 201514 8/6/2019
Public Health Educator OC 201720 06/21/2021
Public Health Sanitarian OC 201646 10/19/2020
Public Health Sanitarian Prom 201647 10/19/2020
Public Health Technician OC 201831 4/25/2022
Purchasing Assistant OC 201523 7/1/2019
Real Property Appraisal Aide OC 201837 7/15/2022
Real Property Appraisal Technician OC 201426 8/4/2018
Real Property Appraisal Technician Prom 201733 8/10/2020
Real Property Information Clerk OC 201640 9/28/2020
Real Property Tax Coordinator Prom 201424 8/4/2018
Real Property Tax Coordinator OC 201425 8/4/2018
Real Property Tax Services Aide OC 201541 7/20/2019
Records Management Coordinator OC 201623 8/3/2020
Registration and Records Assistant OC 201716 6/28/2021
Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Coordinator OC 201451 10/30/2018
Road Maintenance Supervisor OC 201765 2/4/2022
Safety & Training Coordinator OC 201564 11/15/2019
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