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Job Specs for Civil Service Positions

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Name Date
Clerk - Board of Elections
Clerk - County Legislature
County Attorney
County Clerk
County Treasurer
Deputy Election Commissioner
District Attorney
Public Defender
Registrar of Vital Statistics
School Crossing Guard
School District Treasurer
School Tax Collector
Town Tax Collector
Probation Officer (Minority Group Specialist) 04/24/2008
Public Health Educator 06/23/2008
Probation Supervisor 11/4/1999
Programmer/Analyst (NCCC) 3/9/2011
Public Health Intern 9/22/2008
Truck Driver 01/18/2013
Public Information Officer 01/31/2008
Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (North Tonawanda) 04/24/2008
Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Municipal) 05/19/2014
Correction Officer - Seasonal 06/20/2006
Natural Resource Technician 07/21/2008
County Auditor 08/29/1977
Senior Planner 08/29/2008
Municipal Internal Claims Auditor 1/10/2014
Director of Real Property Tax Services III 1/11/2011
Sheriff Work Program Assistant Crew Leader 1/11/2016
Confidential Assistant - Commissioner of Economic Development 1/12/2017
Assessor 1/13/2014
Helicopter Mechanic 1/15/2010
Micro Computer Specialist 1/15/2014
Clerical II 1/15/2016
Clerical III 1/15/2016
Mental Health Services Fiscal Administrator 1/19/2017
Lead Automotive Mechanic 1/21/2000
Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor 1/21/2016
Commissioner of Public Works 1/22/2016
Police Captain 1/23/2003
Police Detective 1/23/2003
Fiscal Manager 1/23/2017
Motor Equipment Operator II 1/23/2017
Water Maintenance Worker 1/23/2017
Payroll Manager 1/24/2006
Sanitary Chemist (North Tonawanda) 1/25/2016
Seasonal Laborer - Parks 1/25/2016
Assistant County Attorney 1/26/1976
First Assistant County Attorney 1/26/1976
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