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Job Specs for Civil Service Positions

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Name Date
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/Trainee 1/26/2018
Watchperson (Municipal) 9/21/2015
Watchperson (North Tonawanda) 3/21/2000
Watchperson- Buildings 4/12/2002
Water & Wastewater Maintenance Person 9/8/2017
Water & Wastewater Maintenance Person II 12/22/1986
Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor 8/11/2017
Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechanic 11/24/2014
Water and Wastewater Superintendent (Town of Royalton) 8/15/2014
Water Distribution Maintenance Supervisor 12/6/2002
Water Maintenance Person 4/7/2010
Water Maintenance Person II 2/11/2010
Water Maintenance Worker 1/23/2017
Water Superintendent 6/6/1988
Water Treatment Plant Operator Trainee 2/19/2015
Water Treatment Plant Operator Type A Plant 3/10/2000
Weights & Measures Inspector 9/21/2015
Work Experience Program Aide 9/29/2016
Work Relief Program Crew Leader 8/4/2017
Work Relief Program Crew Leader p/t 5/9/2017
Work Relief Program Crew Supervisor 2/4/2016
Workforce Training Coordinator 8/10/2017
Youth Bureau Director 9/15/2016
Youth Bureau Worker 7/23/2015
Youth Program Supervisor 8/10/2018
Zoning Officer part-time 3/5/2012
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