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National Public Health Week April 7-13

Author: Anonym/Tuesday, April 1, 2014/Categories: Health

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The Niagara County Department of Health would like to announce that National Public Health week will be observed from April 7th through April 13th this year.  In 1995 President William Clinton proclaimed that the first week in April be recognized as National Public Health Week.  Since that time, public health professionals celebrate by emphasizing issues that affect the public's health.

Public Health is an often under-recognized component of our health care system, yet many improvements in life expectancy and the health of communities are the result of public health programs.  Through public health efforts such as immunizations, disease surveillance, assurance of clean water and air, enforcement of the sanitary code and health education, disease incidence and mortality has been reduced nationwide.

In Niagara County, the leading causes of death are heart disease, cancers, chronic respiratory disease, stroke and unintentional injury.  We also have a high rate of premature death as compared to other counties in New York State.  While factors such as age, gender and heredity do have an impact many of these causes of death can be addressed by life style changes such as : quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, increasing physical activity, managing current health concerns, maintaining a healthy weight, making regular visits to a health care provider and seeking health information from reliable sources.

The American Public Health Association ( ) has outlined five topics to address during this National Public Health Week:

  • Be Healthy from the Start- Public health starts at home.  This focus relates to family nutrition and maternal health, safety precautions and disaster preparedness.
  • Do Not Panic- Preparing for emergencies and disasters.
  • Go Out Ahead- Prevention is the key to lowering risk for disease. It important to make lifestyle changes to prevent disease and lower the risk.
  • Eat Well- A balanced diet helps maintain a healthy weight, which helps to prevent disease and lower risk.
    Be the Healthiest Nation in One Generation- The healthy generation is the responsibility of everyone in the community.  Public health departments can assist by helping communities identify resources and information to keep residents healthy and safe.

For more information on disease prevention visit our Niagara County Department of Health website  or the New York State Department of Health at


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