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Royalton Ravine Park

Gasport Rd. Gasport, NY 14067 - MAP

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The Royalton Ravine Park is located on Gasport Road in the Town of Royalton. It is a perfect setting for a family picnic or anyone wishing to get back to nature. The park offers four shelters available for rentals, a fishing pond and restrooms within its 146 acres. There are several miles of nature trails that wind along both sides of the ravine that runs through the park. You will find a wooden suspension footbridge, a waterfall and historic homestead ruins as you travel along the trails as well as many varieties of flora and fauna. The park is open from Memorial Day weekend through the end of September. Each shelter is equipped with a charcoal grill, and electricity. The fees are $70.00 for shelters #1, #3, and #4, and $45.00 for shelter #2.  



  • Absolutely NO refunds are given.
  • Permit is valid rain or shine. 
  • Park hours are 7 AM to 9 PM (Please note, the rest rooms will be locked at 8:00 PM)
  • No Glass containers.
  • Animals must be on leashes and picked up after.
  • Music must not interfere with other picnickers (this includes bands).
  • No bounce houses, inflatable slides, dunk tanks, pony rides or any type of amusement rides are permitted.


Please be aware that in the summer of 2004, Giant Hogweed, a very dangerous plant, was found growing in various areas of the County including Royalton Ravine.  All sites located at that time have been destroyed, but should you come across something you suspect may be Giant Hogweed, do not touch the plant.  Contact the Parks Department immediately at (716) 439-7951.  Giant Hogweed is a public health hazard.  It results in severe skin irritation and painful burning blisters that could turn into purplish or brown pigmentation and scarring.  It resembles a very large Queen Anne’s Lace plant.  Its stems are 9-14 feet high and 2-4 inches in diameter.  They are hollow and ridged with purple blotches and coarse hairs.  Flowering occurs from mid-June to mid-July and flower clusters may reach 2 ½ feet across.  Again, do not touch the plant and contact the Niagara County Parks Department at (716) 439-7951.

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