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2009 Fishing Derby

4070 Tonawanda Creek Rd. North Tonawanda, NY 14120 - MAP

Niagara County Parks Policy 2008

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The One That Got Away


Hey everyone I got a story for you,

It’s about a fish and it was a big one too.

It was Saturday morning at West Canal,

The fish showed up and this is no small tale.

He was green, kinda yellow,

Big enough to be called fellow.

He looked at me, I at him,

I grabbed my pole he tried to swim,

“Gotcha”, I yelled as I tugged him in.

I reached for my net, “I’m gonna win!”

People were cheering, I was excited,

This fish is a big one,

Could even weigh a TON!

As I lifted him out,

I heard him shout,

“It’s me you see,

I need to be free.”

The net tore,

I swore,

That was a winner!

Now I guess we won’t be having fish for dinner!

People fishing at West Canal Marina Sarah with her big fish Spectators watching the fishing derby