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Electronics Recycling Set: Oct. 21 Event in Lewiston Gives Public Opportunity to Part with Obsolete Technology

LEWISTON—County residents will have the opportunity to rid themselves of obsolete technology and old office equipment next weekend at a recycling event being held in the town of Lewiston.


The free electronics recycling event, set for Saturday, Oct. 21, was announced jointly by Niagara County Legislator Rebecca Wydysh, Lewiston Supervisor Steve Broderick, and Lewiston Highway Superintendent Dave Trane. Lewiston, Modern Corp. and Sunnking Inc. are partnering with the Niagara County Refuse District to provide residents an opportunity to dispose of electronics—which are heavily regulated under New York State’s refuse laws.


Niagara County Offers a Free Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop in North Tonawanda

Do you have an ongoing health condition?  If you have a chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, arthritis or chronic anxiety, please join us for a ...

Smile! You're on Camera: Bradt, Wojtaszek, Voutour Rolling Out Plan to Preempt Crime, Keep Communities Safe New Position, Tools Come in Response to New FBI Crime Statistics

NORTH TONAWANDA—Criminals should take their illicit business elsewhere, the majority leader of the Niagara County Legislature said today after a series of meetings with Niagara County’s District Attorney prompted by new crime statistics and increased concerns about public safety.


Niagara County Department of Health Offers a Free Diabetes Self-Management Workshop at the Dale Association

The Niagara County Department of Health Nursing Division, in partnership with the Niagara County Office for the Aging is offering a free Diabetes Self-Management Workshop.  The workshop series is ...

Retaining Wall at Olcott Yacht Club Collapses

OLCOTT BEACH—A steel retaining wall located at the Olcott Yacht Club has collapsed, causing widespread destabilization of the land adjacent to the main building.

 The Yacht Club is located at 1535 Van Buren, Olcott.


Mission To Albany: First Responders Travel Overnight to Capital to Push for Mercy EMS Service to be Allowed Countywide in Face of Pushback by Competitors

LOCKPORT—Faced with potential administrative challenges to a Certificate of Need for Mercy EMS, a group of county legislators and policymakers, as well as representatives from volunteer fire and emergency medical service companies from across the county will depart for Albany at 3 a.m. to address state officials at the State Emergency Medical Services Council to ensure that county residents have access to emergency medical service.

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